Descendants of Job Van HardenberchDescendants of Job Van Hardenberch

Generation Four

14. CAPT. GERRIT JANSZ4 HARDENBERGH (Jan Jacobsz3van Hardenbergh, Jacob Joppen2van Hardenberch, Job Hendricxsz1);66,67,68,69,70,71,72 born 17 February 1638/39 at Maarsen, Utrecht,, Netherlands;73,74 married Jaepie Schepmoes, daughter of Jan Jansen Schepmoes and Sara Pieterse Van Naerden, 1665 at New York City, New York County, New York;75,76,77 died 24 December 1678 at New York,, at age 39.78,79

He had 8 children, only 1 a son.80 Gerrit Janse Hardenbergh, son of Jan, was owner and captain of a sloop, known as the Royal Albany, which plied between New York and Albany on the Hudson River. It was a vessel of goodly dimensions, as May 19th, 1690, he and his sloop were commissioned to war against the French in Canada, by Governor Jocob Leisler, who addressed him as "Captain Janse Hardenbergh, Commander of the sloop Royal Albany, in whose prudence, courage and ability, he reposed great trust and confidence."

He married, about 1666, Jaepie Schepmoes, daughter of Jan Jansen Schepmoes, a near neighbor in New Amsterdam of his father. In 1669, he purchased a lot in Albany on Chapel Street and Maiden Lane. He bought another on Maiden Lane, between North Pearl and Chapel Streets, in 1672, and in 1676, another on State Street, between North Pearl and Chapel Streets. He had a child baptized in Albany in 1683, but in 1686 he and his wife appear as residents of New York City, in a list of the members of the Reforned Church of New York, made by the Reverend Henricus Selyns, and are then represented as dwelling in a house on Pearl Street between State and Whitehall Streets. He left eight children, his only son being Major Johannes Hardenbergh.

81 As of 1663, he signed his name as Gerrit van Herttenberc for the first time in records of Albanay.82 He signed his name as Gerrit Jansz Herttenbergh on other early documents in Albany.83 His name has been spelled Gerrit Janse Hardenbergh. His will was made on 24 December 1678; The will is in Dutch and is only partly preserved.84

JAEPIE SCHEPMOES85,86,87,88,89,90 was born on 6 January 1646/47 at New York.91,92,93 She died 29 November 1732 at New York,, at age 85.94,95,96

Known children of Capt. Gerrit Jansz4 Hardenbergh and Jaepie Schepmoes were as follows:

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