Gerard Rutgers Hardenbergh, Artist

All of the info comes from: The Hardenbergh Family, published in 1958 by Myrtle Hardenbergh Miller.

Gerard Rutgers Hardenbergh, born December 9, 1856, died August 1915. Wife Louise (no other info)

Only detail: "In Connecticut, no ch. He was an artist, painting animals, birds and fish"

Father: Warren Hardenbergh b. 1827. Mother Cornelia van Rensselaer Rutgers. Warren worked in New Brunswick. Gerard was the first boy and had 4 sisters and 2 bothers. A sister, Elizabeth Rutgers H. (1858..1934) was also an artist.

He was the great, great grandson of the first president of Rutgers - Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh.

His art work continues to be very popular today, as you can see from this Google search: Gerard Rutgers Hardenbergh, which in May of 2007 had 554 hits. The image below "Grouse" is from his page at AskArt. If you have any other details or know of other image galleries, let me know.

Birds Painting
From: "Bud LaVance"
Subject: Re: Gerard Rutgers Hardenbergh
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 11:36:58 -0500

A gallery from Lambertville, NJ did an exhibition at the 
Bristol Myer Squibb corporate gallery in Princeton, NJ in 
December of 2003 and might still have the exhibition catalog available. It 
was about Jersey Shore Impressionists, including Gerard Rutgers Hardenburgh 
and the gallery owner who organized the display has several Hardenburghs in 
his collection. You can probably reach him through the curator at Bristol 
Myer Squibb headquarters in Princeton.

P.S. Hardenbergh lived on a small houseboat in Scow Ditch, Bay Head, NJ for 
a time and painted local scenes. (last update 20070501) YON