Our 25th Anniversary Trip to Paris

Fresh from our 25th Wedding anniversary trip to Paris, May 3 to May 10, 2008. We saw great art, we saw Paris from great heights, we ate great food and we saw the walls that history left behind. We also spent much time simply BEING in Paris.
image LittleFrenchCafe.jpg
Our Little French Cafe on Ile St. Louis
image BlueDoor.jpg
Our Blue Door on Rue St Andre des Arts
A street that has been there since 1330+/-.
image GailLouvre.jpg
Monday morning at the Louvre
image JanLourve.jpg
We started early and
got to the Mona Lisa before the hordes.
image LouvreScuptures.jpg
In the Louvre Sculputre atrium.
image JanCellar.jpg
Dans la Lourve de Moyen Age
image LouvreWalls.jpg
The old Louvre foundation is from 1190AD
image JanOnStairs.jpg
On the way up to the lofty art.
image GailPinkGold.jpg
We spent a long luxurious visit
to Musee d'Orsay
image JanPinkMarble.jpg
Restaurant at Musee d'Orsay
image degas.jpg
Gail in Degas ribbon shirt.
image RueClovisWallGail.jpg
The old city wall was built in 1190AD
image RueClovisWallJan.jpg
Here we are at the wall at Rue Clovis
image RueCharlemagneWall.jpg
Another section of the wall is at
Rue Charlemagne
image GailArena.jpg
He we are in the Roman amphitheatre.
image JanArena.jpg
Arenne de Lutece is still used as a play ground.
image CryptKeeper.jpg
The Archeological Crypt under the
Parvis de Notre Dame
image GailStCourt.jpg
The is Gail at St. Chapelle
image MirrorShot.jpg
Having some fun at the
Museum of the City of Paris.
image GailLouvreGold.jpg
At the Louvre
image GailMontParnesse.jpg
Tour MontParnesse
image JanMontParnesse.jpg
with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
image OnTheBridgeAlma.jpg
On the town
image NotreDame.jpg
On the way to dinner
image NotreDameNuit.jpg
Notre Dame at Night
image TourEifellDinner.jpg
Tour Eiffel, view from our restaurant
image StarbucksStitch.jpg
Look closely at the table.
image WaterLilies.jpg
Water Lilies
image HotelLutece.jpg
In front of our honeymoon hotel on Ile St. Louis
Gail & YON in front of Notre Dame
Gail and YON on 25th anniversary trip
image Paris2008restaurants.jpg
Created Sun, 11 May 2008 YON update with restaurants 2013