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Portraits Cards: Other Families

In the "Wayzata collection" of pictures are 21 small portratit cards and 12 larger cards (3x8). These are mostly portraits of Charles's kids, but, there are a few of friends and some mystery portraits.

Most of them have scribbles on the back, but, some have no clue, and others a guess by Granny (MBNH). (my guess).

The main page is for the children of Charles and Mary Lee. There are also several mystery cards.

Mary B. Lee
Back: Mary B. Lee; Half sister of Wm H. Lee Jr.
Lee Bros.
Back: Wm H Lee; Charlie G. Lee (Hartford)
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Wm. H. Lee
Back: Wm. H. Lee; Son of W. T. Lee; Father of the present W.H.Lee. He was organist of Sethsemame? + was sent to buy organ for St. Mark's. (Photo from Hartford) Gethse - mane?
Ms. Christian
Back: Mrs. Geo H. Christian
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Back: Mrs. Bostwick; Mother of Wm Henry Lee's 1st wife (Chicago)
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Some backs of the cards.
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