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These are most of the pages in the oldest photo album in the Wayzata Photo collection. Some of the pages that are not here contained pictures that were too blurry to be useful. A few were just too repetitive, as noted. I am hoping to get a second opinion from Nicky in early 2003 as to whether we missed anything.

There are links to the higher resolution images that were scanned. These are also listed in the Album1 index. On a few of the pages in the album I wrote the page number in black ink just to stay sane.

image wa1pgcvr.jpg
The cover of the Album.
pg. 2 interior shots
image wa1pg01.jpg
pg. 1, The Mary Lee hi-res
photo appears in the W.H.S. 2003 Calendar
image wa1pg03.jpg
Cap: wa1pg03.jpg group, canoe, hi-res, higher
p. 5 1887 tent photo
image wa1pg04.jpg
Cap: wa1pg04.jpg
p. 6 fam1888, kids
where is image
Cap: wa1pg07.jpg agnesail
where is image
Cap: wa1pg08.jpg brzypnt
where is image
Cap: wa1pg09.jpg room1, room2
where is image
Cap: wa1pg10.jpg
p. 11 has two pictures: Clarence in 1888, kids1888
where is image
Cap: wa1pg12.jpg rom1twn, rom2twn
image wa1pg14.jpg
Cap: wa1pg14.jpg Swing picture
image wa1pg15.jpg
Cap: wa1pg15.jpg
p. 13 is similar to 15, but blurry shots.
image wa1pg16.jpg
Cap: wa1pg16.jpg lake 1, lake 2
image wa1pg17.jpg
Cap: wa1pg17.jpg sailor, sailor2
image wa1pg20.jpg
Cap: wa1pg20.jpg
image wa1pg21.jpg
Cap: wa1pg21.jpg pen
pg.22 Uncle Richard's house So. Yarmouth(2)
image wa1pg23.jpg
Cap: wa1pg23.jpg
image wa1pg24.jpg
Cap: wa1pg24.jpg
image wa1pg25.jpg
Cap: wa1pg25.jpg
image wa1pg26.jpg
Cap: wa1pg26.jpg
image wa1pg27.jpg
Cap: wa1pg27.jpg
image wa1pg28.jpg
Cap: wa1pg28.jpg
image wa1pg29.jpg
Cap: wa1pg29.jpg
image wa1pg30.jpg
Cap: wa1pg30.jpg

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Other pages: Pages 31..60, Pages 60..71, Pages 72..96, All pages (slower)

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