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image wa1pg31.jpg
Cap: wa1pg31.jpg
pg.32 blurry fence pix w. Lucy Davis
image wa1pg33.jpg
Cap: wa1pg33.jpg
image wa1pg34.jpg
Cap: wa1pg34.jpg
pg.35 more like 34.
image wa1pg37.jpg
Cap: wa1pg37.jpg two women, harry???
pg.38 faded pix of Pen: July 4th 1899
image wa1pg39.jpg
Cap: wa1pg39.jpg group w. names, lawn w. names
July 4th, 1899
image wa1pg40.jpg
Cap: wa1pg40.jpg group, dock
image wa1pg41.jpg
Cap: wa1pg41.jpg
image wa1pg42.jpg
Cap: wa1pg42.jpg
image wa1pg43.jpg
Cap: wa1pg43.jpg
image wa1pg45.jpg
Cap: wa1pg45.jpg
image wa1pg46.jpg
Cap: wa1pg46.jpg ice1a, ice1b, ice1c
pg.44 tiny pix of Pen with cows at barn.
image wa1pg47.jpg
Cap: wa1pg47.jpg
image wa1pg48.jpg
Cap: wa1pg48.jpg
image wa1pg49b.jpg
Cap: wa1pg49b.jpg
image wa1pg49c.jpg
Cap: wa1pg49c.jpg
image wa1pg51.jpg
Cap: wa1pg51.jpg laundry1, laundry2
image wa1pg52.jpg
Cap: wa1pg52.jpg
image wa1pg53.jpg
Cap: wa1pg53.jpg
image wa1pg54.jpg
Cap: wa1pg54.jpg
image wa1pg55.jpg
Cap: wa1pg55.jpg
image wa1pg56.jpg
Cap: wa1pg56.jpg
image wa1pg57.jpg
Cap: wa1pg57.jpg Agnes winter 1906
image wa1pg58.jpg
Cap: wa1pg58.jpg
image wa1pg59.jpg
Cap: wa1pg59.jpg
image wa1pg60.jpg
Cap: wa1pg60.jpg fam1908

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Pages 1..30, (this is: Pages 31..60), Pages 60..71, Pages 72..96, All pages (slower)

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