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See Also: Town Center Frequently Asked Questions to inform voters, from the Town website.

This page contains some visual aids that are useful in explaining the Town Center Intersection issues. I believe these show that the center of the intersection will change, but, it is very localized and does not effect the character of the intersections. In addition, there are pages about the Intersection's problems and the Project Timeline and Previous Plans. There are two photoshop visualizations: one from Grinnell Park and one from the North. There are a few images from Virtual Reality, and an Animated GIF.

Before and after images. For the best comparison, use your Browser's OpenInNewTab option on each image. You can then toggle between to two tabs to see changes.

From Grinnell - Before


image VizBbefore4k.jpg
From Grinnell Before hi-res
image VizBafter0506x4k.jpg
From Grinnell After hi-res and Green Poles
image VizBbeforeZoomHD.jpg
From Grinnell Before Zoom pole check
image VizBafter0506zoomHD.jpg
From Grinnell After Zoom - Green Poles

From North - Before


image TownCenterAbefore.jpg
Cap: TownCenterAbefore.jpg
image TownCenterAafter.jpg
From North After Blue
image TownCenterAbeforezoom.jpg
From North Before Zoom
image TownCenterAafter2zoom.jpg
From North After Zoom Blue


Features of the plan that this images shows:
- North South lane alignment - no more slalom heading south on Concord.
- No overhead / mast arm traffic lights.
- Safe pedestrian crossing of Concord Road and Old Sudbury to get into the Common
- No more transformers

Animated Contours Overlay

There are 5 images cycling here: 1) Current Satellite, 2) Existing Conditions, 3) Engineering Plan, 4) Schematic, and 5) Schematic superimposed on Satellite.

made at

Virtual Reality

image FromCommonPlan.jpg
Cap: FromCommonPlan.jpg
image FromCommonXist.jpg
Cap: FromCommonXist.jpg
image FromGrinellPlan.jpg
Cap: FromGrinellPlan.jpg
image FromGrinellXist.jpg
Cap: FromGrinellXist.jpg
image VRexisting.jpg
Cap: VRexisting.jpg
image VRnewDK0415.jpg
Cap: VRnewDK0415.jpg
image ContoursSatTownPlan.jpg
Cap: ContoursSatTownPlan.jpg
image ContoursSatTownXist.jpg
Cap: ContoursSatTownXist.jpg

VR Double Panorama FromCommonDoublePanorama.jpg
Here are two panoramas: before and after. This show that the visual scale and character of the center as a whole which not be changed. And similar From First Parish

YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh, I am putting this information up as a private citizen. I am a member of First Parish of Sudbury, UU and served on FPS Town Center task force and attended many SCIAC meetings. If you have comments or questions, send me email: jch at

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